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Good news to share! I have signed a contract to work with Soul Mate, a New York City publishing house. They like my Evolutis Rising Series and we have begun to work together on the first novel, the one we call Deadly Awakenings.

Soul Mate is expanding from traditional Romance and Mystery stories to include many genres, including Science Fiction.

There will soon be an email “to do” list in my in box that will kick off a round of discussions about my new cover, additional focused editing, branding, platform, marketing, and so on. I’ll share what that looks like as much as I am able.

I will prepare the content needed to provide links to their web pages and to provide more details about my new association with a series of posts here to let you know what it is like for a new writer to work with an agent, editor, illustrator, and so forth.

Excited by these opportunities, I look forward to learning new skills to do my part in marketing by discovery and grateful for all of the support and guidance I have received from my Critique Circle friends.

Keep writing!

Breaking news! Remember, my wife and I are Hybrids and to underscore the duality of that publishing strategy, we just Indie published ReSet, a 65,000-word science fiction mystery thriller, and the second novel in the OnSet, ReSet, MindSet trilogy.

ReSet is a story of a young woman who discovers the secrets of reprogramming the genome, unlocking medical mysteries, and discovering the potential for immortality before her best friend dies. The sequel to OnSet, both novels are available at Amazon and Smashwords as eBooks. Paperback versions can be purchased through Createspace. Covers for the trilogly may be seen below.

Our editor, woo!-woo! Tina Winograd,  worked hard and fast to help us meet our publishing deadline! Contact links to Tina are available at POS for each book.

Check this out  Scribd’s new ebook subscription service, where for $8.99 per month Readers can enjoy unlimited reading. Try it for one month at no cost.

Welcome to my stories. I just designed a t-shirt:  “I’m a Raconteur learning to be a Writer so I might be an Author.”

In the Spring of 2010 my wife gave me a membership to the Houston Writer’s Guild and signed me up to attend their Spring conference.

I did not know how to write. I’m a math major. We don’t do papers. However, in one of my careers I researched new and interesting technologies for my company. I wrote white papers for mid and upper management who had little time to read. If you have any experience reading essays, a white paper is like an up-side-down essay. The conclusions, including possible impact to ROI  (Return On Investment), are presented first. When I discovered that good stories must have a hook upfront, I was thrilled. I mistakenly thought, “Now I know how to write my novel.”

That moment is called an ‘up’. There are also many ‘downs’ that writers must endure.

This is my list of bottom line recommendations for new writers, of all kinds.

  • Join a writer’s guild, association, club, or group.
  • Attend their critique circles or start one.

A critique circle (cc) meets often enough for each of the 6 to 10 writers to bring sufficient copies of 200 lines of story content. The writer, or someone else in the circle, reads his or her work aloud. Notes are made on each copy and a brief discussion ensues. I’ll post the rules of engagement we use later. Just know that the critique circle is (can be) a valuable experience. The ‘can be’ will be included in the post on cc rules.

  • Attend workshops. Look for small classes by respected writers. (That usually mean published.)
  • Most of all, write. I know it’s a cliché for some, but set a time, make a space, get ear plugs if you need to, but write, write, write …


Aruba, closed laptop, open bar … the best way to cope with writer’s block … if I ever get it.



    Enid and I finished the MS for a short story (28,000 words) for Tweens that is the second in the series, The Ghost in my iPad. This one carries the subtitle “4:44″ We used that as a follow-up to the convention we had of using the midnight time of 3:45 in the first story.

The time reference consistently appears throughout the story. Initially the reference is  supplied by the ghost of a little girl who, to date, has not spoken to Jengo, our middle-school protagonist.

Today, while she re-edited, I worked on a cover design. This week we will prepare the MS for up loading to Amazon, Smashwords, and Goodreads.  An excellent ACX production for the audiobook version has been completed by the narrator, Traci Godfrey, Check this out in the Short Stories section. Visit Traci’s website and see why we feel she is ideal for this series.

hloe n jengo =44=360x550

This opened up some time for me to return to a novel that once was a sort story.  I enjoy writing several stories at once. I have no other idea why that is a good idea for me. Too many writers have told me to simply focus on one thing. Oh, well.

I am writing the chapters/scenes that form the milestones for part 3, MindSet. My wife and I then write the lead-up chapters/scenes along with the follow-ups or reflections. I find our process continues to be a fresh approach.

The original short story, Onset, screamed to become a full eBook novel. Onset earned an Honorable Mention in the 2012 Global eBook Awards.

It is about a young woman, confined to a wheelchair, who struggles to overcome injuries from a bike racing accident. She does not associate the voices in her head with emerging powers. Instead, she fears she may have onset schizophrenia and her efforts to protect herself from falling into the hands of those who would control her powers and realize her true destiny takes the reader on a journey full of surprise and some romance.

Part 2 is titled ReSet and completes her victory.  The first part has been re-written and enhanced. We are about to publish ReSet.

We also have been writing the 3rd story, MindSet (surprise!) and reading it at critique circles. We hope to have it ready for the winter holidays.

The series of covers, for OnSet, ReSet, and MindSet, among  my most enjoyable to make, give clues to Chloe’s progress in this fast paced medical thriller.


I have been invited to be on a panel discussion about writing science fiction for young people. What could be more enjoyable?

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